All too often websites are built by developers for you, but they keep some of the functions to themselves. This means you are trapped and have to go to the developer every time you want to make a change. Well, that just isn’t fair!

Why are we telling you this? Well we are different. We want you to have as much access to the site as we do. You bought it— it’s yours. We want to teach you how to use your site with every tool available. FreshStart build websites for you so you can use them with ease.

What are the advantages of having full control of my site?

At first, the idea of having complete control of a website might seem like a recipe for disaster. It’s just asking for trouble. However – we beg to differ.

With the correct education of how your site works, what each section does, and where to look for where changes and problems could be – you’ll know which area you’re not comfortable with. With knowledge, you have no areas to worry about. Still stuck? That’s fine! give us a call. We’ll go through the areas you’re stuck on, give you a resolution, and maybe next time you can do it yourself.

Being autonomous in maintaining your site and making changes – even changing the entire colour scheme of the site if you feel happy enough to do so – means you aren’t frustrated with delays in waiting for ‘dev’ to get back to you.


Having the ability to control every aspect of your own website is what every website owner should have. With the correct guidance you should be able to do the vast majority of maintenance tasks without having to worry. Even though this is the case, if you don’t have the time or feel like you need a hand, why not get in touch? FreshStart offer a great range of support in blocks that span from 10 to 20 hours.