If you own a website you want people to find it and go to it, otherwise what’s it for? Driving traffic to your site normally resolves to one point – Google. The most important questions are “Where are you placed in the search engine? “Are you seen as the ultimate source of knowledge or just something in the back half of the internet?” We have some useful tips to get you to be a search engine favourite.

SEO Tip 1: Research

It might seem obvious to some, but research is key to making sure your site is recognised on Google. There are two aspects of research to be considered: One, is researching the topics for your posts. The other, is researching the audience. These go hand in hand, and can help you create content that means something – and makes Google believe you are the best place for people searching for this information.

SEO Tip 2: Create Good Quality Content

Posting regularly is great and essential to keeping Google interested, but in order to really dominate search engine results, you need make great quality content. Along with quality there is also a shelf life to your content that needs to be considered. Aim to create as much timeless content as possible to make sure it has the legs to get noticed. This is often referenced to as ‘evergreen content’ or ‘cornerstone content’, if you have Yoast installed on your site you can use their plugin to mark this.

SEO Tip 3: Keep Your Site Fast

The speed of your website has an effect on how likely Google is to recommend your page. If your site is slow, especially on mobile, they won’t stick around to see if your content is any good. When building your post make sure any images you use are optimised for web use, and make sure you keep images under 4mb in total.

If you’ve kept your media manageable and it’s still slow, you can try a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache. (What is Cache? Read this blog to find out more.)

So, you’ve cached, and kept things small, but it’s still slow. Maybe it could be your hosting? Review your hosting package with your provider and see if they can offer an upgrade or suggest another way of increasing the speed on your account.

“I’ve done everything but my site’s still slow!” – well if that’s the case then it time for a website upgrade. Get in Touch we will find a way to get things moving faster!

What Now?

Hopefully this blog has given you three quick tips to update and improve SEO for your website. To recap – having a fast website load time, quality content, and targeted messaging is key to getting you high up Google rankings.