Is WordPress the right solution for your new website? The perfect CMS for your website might seem like a Moby Dick size problem but will WordPress make content updates plain sailing? We certainly think so!

To make the choice easier for you we have collected the top five reasons why you should make WordPress the CMS for you.

1. It’s Free!

Absolutely free, it costs nothing, nada, zilch. WordPress is an Open Source project and requires no purchasing to be used for any reason. As it’s Open Source if you modify the code, if it’s for the betterment of the community then you can submit this back to WordPress – it’s a continually growing CMS supported by all its users.

If you’re in a situation where the idea of a bespoke Content Management System has been touted as what you need, take a step back and think – WordPress is supported by tens of millions of people, Open Source really does have an advantage.

In addition to the Core WordPress CMS being free, there are also thousands of ‘free’ plugins available to extend the functionality to create almost infinite options for your website. Want something more specialist? There are loads of premium themes and plugins that give you some real cutting-edge designs for a relatively small fee.

Still want more? Why not take the basic CMS and add some bespoke code to it? A custom design? Maybe ask a really helpful web design agency *cough* to build you something that looks great with a CMS that has all these advantages?

2. Simply Easy to use

Why use something complicated? WordPress is simply simple. When you first get a website for your company you’ll find yourself juggling many parts of it yourself, and relying upon others to run a website when it isn’t their forte.

WordPress is as complicated (if not easier) than running your Facebook page and once a site is set up, if you want to update some content or post a new blog, you log in, go to posts, hit add new, done. If you want you can add a picture, maybe two. It’s very simple.

WordPress is jam-packed with great features, to name a few:

  • Updates, hit a button and your site is up to date. No need to learn what an FTP is or understand how a server works, just push a button.
  • Media Centre, every time you upload a picture or file to one of your blogs it is logged and stored in its own area. Want to use the picture on another page? Great! No need to re-upload. Use the image in two places. Want to change the image title? Do it once here!
  • Want to change the site design? Well if you’re lucky enough to of have ‘Freshstart’ build your site you get a visual editor that allows you to drag and drop different types of content where ever you want. Want an image slider? Go for it! Want a video? No problem.
All FreshStart websites come with a drag and drop builder as standard!

All FreshStart websites offer a drag and drop builder as standard! Find out more

3. I Want WordPress to do more, ok – Add a Plugin

Ok I’ve got my site, I’ve added some content – which was easy… but now I want to do something else. I want to add a form, link this to my MailChimp account, and add an annoying reCAPTCHA to stop people spamming me. If only this was easy as well! Oh, wait it is in WordPress!

The great thing about WordPress is that the possibilities are endless. There are a vast array of free plugins that help extend the functionality of your website, for example adding forms has never been easier – just choose what you need from the plug-ins section and add it to your WordPress theme.

If you can’t find something then you can have something custom built? Why not send us what you need and we can help.

4. I want to brand my website – WordPress lets you do that!

Whether you’re a new start up or you’ve been running for years, having your brand online is very important. A good quality brand goes a long way, and ensuring this is on your website is very important. If you are using WordPress then branding your site is easy – it’s even easier if you get Freshstart to help.

Most sites allow you to upload your logo by default, and a fair few allow you to adjust the basic colour scheme as well. If you wanted something a little more unique, then Freshstart are here to help. We can make your site look 100% like its yours and no one else’s.

Don’t have a brand or your feel like it needs updating? Why not get in touch and see if we can help there.

5. Get People to your site – SEO friendly from the beginning

The internet is a noisy place, without the proper stage your message will get lost in a sea of distracting, conflicting content. This is where the WordPress SEO friendly nature comes into play – The platform allows for easy communication to your clients.

There are several ways to make sure your site is ready for Google to rank your content, but the advantage of WordPress is this tool is at hand from the beginning.

Summary: WordPress is Good!

Whether you’re a start-up or a company that’s well established, WordPress is a powerhouse marketing and communication tool. It’s a fantastic CMS that give tools to users of all abilities.

What’s more, Freshstart are WordPress specialists. Why not get in touch and see if we can set you up with a website making use of this fantastic open source tool?